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Your appendix is a small tube-like structure that extends off your large intestine. While the appendix does not have a known function, if it becomes inflamed or infected the result is appendicitis. Anyone can get appendicitis. Appendicitis happens when the appendix becomes infected, inflamed, or blocked. A piece of stool or ingested material can block the appendix. In some cases of appendicitis, the cause is not known. Appendicitis is an emergency medical condition and needs immediate treatment.

Appendix surgery is typically performed laparoscopically – this is called a laparoscopic appendectomy. This surgery is performed through a few small incisions, and results in less trauma and therefore quicker healing times.

Our surgeons are trained and experienced in the testing and surgical care you may need, and they understand how to help you overcome your anxiety and feel more at ease with the tests and treatments for appendicitis. You can count on our doctors’ expertise with appendectomies, and the compassionate, personal care that makes it easier to do what’s best for your health. We look forward to caring for you.

To schedule an appointment for appendix treatment or surgery, call our Jackson, MS surgeons at (601) 944-1781 or request an appointment online.