Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment

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The number of new cases of breast cancer cases is on the rise. The mortality rate of breast cancer patients is down significantly due to medical advances and the increased number of mammograms administered. Until a cure is found, early detection is crucial for successful treatment. The breast is prone to many types of disorders, some malignant and some not. Careful evaluation is always recommended, especially for those patients with symptoms such as an abnormal mammogram, lumps, nipple discharge or pain.

Look to Central Surgical Associates for further evaluation of your patients with abnormal mammograms. Often a biopsy may be required to identify the cause of the abnormality. We offer several techniques for biopsy depending on the circumstances, including sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLN), noninvasive ultrasound exams and the Bard VACORA Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy System. This revolutionary system involves the use of a hand-held devise that allows our surgeons to take far better tissue samples, which is an advantage in making an accurate diagnosis. The VACORA system is minimally invasive, leaves little or no scarring and is performed on an outpatient basis. If a stereotactic core biopsy is needed, we will refer your patient to a medical imaging center where this advanced procedure is performed.

Our highly credentialed and experienced surgeons will recommend the best solution for your patient based on his or her individual needs and will provide friendly and compassionate service. A written report of our recommended treatment will be provided to you and to the referring physician, and we will make ourselves available to you should you want to discuss the case in greater detail.

If a diagnosis of cancer is confirmed histologically, depending on numerous factor, several surgical treatments are applicable. We are experienced with all of the current procedures including lumpectomy, total mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

With Central Surgical Associates service, medical expertise and compassionate approach to patient care, you can refer with confidence. Please call today to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.